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Gregory L. Donoghue
The picture of JFK, the "eyes" photo, is a treasure. Reminds me of those great photo's of Hemingway and Churchill by Karsh!!!
Diane Smith(non-registered)
Dear Henry,
You have created a tremendously insightful and deeply moving cavalcade of images that allows us to see beyond what we remember, beyond what we actually experienced. You've taken us to that personal place you had through your eyes....and what a gift! Thank you! I do hope you publish more books, esp affordable ones for us retired teachers... (my fantasy is to be your archive assistant when you roam through your cabinets and boxes of history to create those future books)
Ironically I have just made an album of photos I took of my daughter with her newborn son during his first 2 days~just hours old, along with husband, 6 year old daughter, and 4 year old son. So precious, so sacred. Time stood still while we hovered quietly in reverent awe. One picture still stops my heart: while holding her son closely outstretched before her, smiling softly, my daughter is gently talking to him, greeting him, and through the blur of his newborn eyes and his acute hearing, he recognizes her voice, looks into her eyes and pure joy is seen on his face~ seeing his mother for the first time. It still makes me weep, as many of your photos brought tears to my eyes. And they are ours forever to experience again and again.
Sincerely from one photographer to another,
Mary /Alta Loma, CA(non-registered)
Mr. Grossman:
I had on 60 Minutes on Sunday while in my office doing some edits of photographs I had taken for a friend and her family that afternoon; a holiday shoot for her Christmas card. The evening b/4 I had gotten ready by getting my 3 best cameras/and lenses set /then getting to the location to do some pre shoot light reading/set up etc. I was going to be working w/ little kids as well as adults, so I wanted to be ready. As soon as I heard you were on/I ceases my photo shop work and watched the entire interview. What a joy to see your treasure trove of work...and those cabinets full of history. I was "there" for all of it! I so appreciate your work.
Michael Mangan(non-registered)
Dear Mr. Grossman. Your photo's reminded me of how deeply I loved taking (and developing)photo's as a late 70's college student until the silver price skyrocketed and limited my resources.
If I could to it all over again, I'de have stuck with making pictures. My Nikon FM still lingers in my closet. I have no interest in digital. Give me F stop and shutter speed anyday. Thank you for giving me a wonderful taste of how sweet photography was for me. A wonderful dream.
Rick Gillis(non-registered)
Hi Henry
I was thinking about what you said in your 60 Minutes profile last night about how fortunate you were to have been in the right place at the right time to have met and photographed The Beatles (among all the other luminaries, politicians & public figures you have photographed!) I think it's fair to say that The Beatles (et.al.) were also fortunate to have had YOU along. You were that 'fly on the wall' that we all have so often wished we could have been when learning--after the fact--about historical or landmark events that, to you, have just been another day in the life. (Accidental, but very good pun!)

I am the proud owner of Places I Remember. Thank you for your generosity and sharing a small part of your life's work! (Oh my, to have coffee with you for, oh, just 2 or 3 days. The stories! When is the 'Life Of Henry' book due out?)
Alison Ames(non-registered)
Dear Henry,

Seeing the 60 Minutes piece about you tonight was a wonderful surprise. I devoutly hope that MANY other fans visit your fascinating site as a result of the broadcast. For me, in addition to Beatles nostalgia, there was Bernstein nostalgia -- even stronger!

Best regards
Alison Ames
I just received Places I Remember. I nearly cried, looking at the pictures that bring back a different era, a different time. Thank you for your talent and for sharing with the world, the innocence and vitality of these four musicians. You captured not the music, but the boys. This is now my prized possession. Thank you, thank you.
Brian Haskell(non-registered)
I landed on your site while researching an etching by your father that my grandfather owned and passed down to my father. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I found my way here! I love the candid photos of so many culture icons. They really made the subjects come alive for me. Thank you for your work!
Michael I Thaler(non-registered)
Just love your work. As a serious amateur, I appreciate all you've given us.
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